Plenty of Pumpkins

Autumn Accents.... While their appeal seems to be fading away for the most part....But at My local grocery store, it appears that people are still Pumped for Pumpkin products even my guilty pumpkin-pleasure, the Trader Joe’s delicious pumpkin cream cheese! All in all, the grocery shelves are stocked and on sale!      In My [...]

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Woops! Tonight, I confess that This planner has fallen upon unplanned territory and been terribly Tardy in writing. Should I blame the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season and it’s selfish need to spread Love and Joy? Or simply accept that it’s Reina being well, fashionably late? Although it may be pushing it a [...]

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Juice. Cleanse. Energize. That’s the motto here at Freshii Boca Raton (@freshii) and it’s surely apparent in everything they make! . . Stay tuned for more on my Blog and Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @reinasraves . Reina’s Raves at

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Choose Travel…

✨Travel & Inspiration ✨ I promise You that throughout this Life, my Travel experiences have been the most educational and eye-opening. In many ways, I believe Travel forever changed me..... . . . Stay tuned for more on my Blog and Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @reinasraves . Reina’s Raves at ?: @wordporm [...]

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Let’s Take 5 ??

Let’s Take 5 ?? at Common Grounds coffee bar! While the turnover and “fast food” mentality at a Dunkin Donuts (@dunkin) or a Starbucks (@starbucks) is convenient, It is My belief that nothing compares to the “mom and pop” local cafes.... Let’s weigh in on that shall we? Common Grounds is the quintessential local cafe. [...]

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Mmmmm delicious Mondays….

It’s that moment when You realize that You have stepped into decadent territory at The 5150........Chocolate Pizza did You say? Count me it! Yummmm   Stay tuned for more on my Blog and Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @reinasraves

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Got Organic?

“Nature has rules that cannot be broken. You can’t cheat on organic practices and still farm successfully.” . - according to Myra Goodman - Founder, @EarthboundFarm . Got Organic?  There are a couple of simple ways to crack the code on who practices organic-living the “Yeahs and Nays.” Researchers can determine if You’ve joined the organic [...]

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Buona Notte!

May I interest You in a candlelight Dessert this evening?......Excellent Choice ?? With oh so many fantastic choices, who could resist?! Sorry will-power, this curious food writer surely Wins on this one!       Stay Tuned For More on my Blog and Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @reinasraves Reina’s Raves at

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Traveler’s Tasty Tuesday!

Let’s recap shall we? This morning, Awake and Rejuvenated, I woke up to what I Thought would be a Typical day in the Life of a this curious, Creature of many habits. I was happily mistaken. . I learned quickly that the tiniest tidbit can surprisingly fulfill matters of the Heart. Do You remember Tony [...]

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Meet me at Mazie’s

What’s cooking Today at this old fish market @mazieswpb? Chef’s Fatttoush: grilled salmon, quinoa tabbouleh, pickled beets and a Greek yogurt. Savory Roasted Carrots & Rye Berries: shiitake mushrooms, black currants dazzled by a champagne vinaigrette. In the neighborhood? Check out this youthful modern and industrial hotspot with a creative flare. ( It was Definitely [...]

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