True Yoga & the 8 Limbs

The hugely, talented and insightful Jennie Lee “.......interprets the ancient wisdom of Yoga philosophy for a modern western audience with clarity and simplicity to joyfully and meaningfully apply it’s power to cope with life’s stresses as well as enjoy its rewards. Her inspirational writing uplifts the heart, body and soul.” - Sydney Solis . . [...]

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Let’s Take 5 ??

Let’s Take 5 ?? at Common Grounds coffee bar! While the turnover and “fast food” mentality at a Dunkin Donuts (@dunkin) or a Starbucks (@starbucks) is convenient, It is My belief that nothing compares to the “mom and pop” local cafes.... Let’s weigh in on that shall we? Common Grounds is the quintessential local cafe. [...]

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Let’s Eat!

A Huge thank you to my Friends at Flavor Palm Beach for their thoughtfulness, generosity and kindness. Throughout my many conversations and interactions with @flavorpalmbeach, I have always been very impressed by their professionalism and grace. I appreciate that their Team Members have gone above and beyond to connect with Reina’s Raves LLC in every [...]

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Meet me at Mazie’s

What’s cooking Today at this old fish market @mazieswpb? Chef’s Fatttoush: grilled salmon, quinoa tabbouleh, pickled beets and a Greek yogurt. Savory Roasted Carrots & Rye Berries: shiitake mushrooms, black currants dazzled by a champagne vinaigrette. In the neighborhood? Check out this youthful modern and industrial hotspot with a creative flare. ( It was Definitely [...]

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Sweet Sunday’s

They call it Sweetwater and it is Indeed Sweet! I am writing about @sweetwater_restaurant in two separate posts because quite frankly, I have So much to say in my foodie review of the general-vibe, decor and cuisine....With traditional politeness and good manners, let’s eat! . An eclectic, industry-chic atmosphere fits in perfectly with the crafty, [...]

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Why So Blue?

Great question! After discovering these delicious, jumbo blueberries at the grocery store, I decided that on this Wellness Wednesday, we are going to take a simplistic look at the many health benefits of Blueberries! . .Without further ado, here’s why we Love this Superfood: 1) 1 serving of blueberries (1 cup) is high in nutrients [...]

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? Monday Madness ?

Today calls for counting carrots....40 that is. After all, who can resist yummy pastries and an afternoon jolt of java? I surely can’t! . Forty Carrots cafes have been around for as long as I can remember 30+ years to be exact. My memories of the local cafe begin with my Mom and her love [...]

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The Boys Farmers Market

Ordinary is for the birds. Today, I’m sticking with the Boys! Care to join me? . “Don’t even think about having an affair without the Boys.” . @theboysfarmersmarket . . . . Stay tuned for more on my Blog and Follow me on Facebook and Instagram  @reinasraves . Reina’s Raves at #freshfinds #delicious #delivery [...]

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Tuesday Sweet Treats

Tuesday just got a whole lot Tastier! Two Fat Cookies is a charming, family-owned bakery location in the heart of Delray Beach. I had been meaning to drop in for a tasty treat but haven’t had the chance to......until Today! This afternoon, a little birdie surprised me with some @twofatcookies signature creations, Minis: a key [...]

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Community Yoga!

Attention: All Local, West Palm Beach Yogis! In the area and up for a fun, Flow class? . Community Yoga is every Saturday and Sunday at 10am : the District Railway @grandviewpublic .....Be sure to check out this awesome donation-based Flow class! . . . . Stay tuned for more on my Blog and Follow [...]

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