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True Yoga & the 8 Limbs

The hugely, talented and insightful Jennie Lee “.......interprets the ancient wisdom of Yoga philosophy for a modern western audience with clarity and simplicity to joyfully and meaningfully apply it’s power to cope with life’s stresses as well as enjoy its rewards. Her inspirational writing uplifts the heart, body and soul.” - Sydney Solis . . [...]

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Plenty of Pumpkins

Autumn Accents.... While their appeal seems to be fading away for the most part....But at My local grocery store, it appears that people are still Pumped for Pumpkin products even my guilty pumpkin-pleasure, the Trader Joe’s delicious pumpkin cream cheese! All in all, the grocery shelves are stocked and on sale!      In My [...]

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Woops! Tonight, I confess that This planner has fallen upon unplanned territory and been terribly Tardy in writing. Should I blame the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season and it’s selfish need to spread Love and Joy? Or simply accept that it’s Reina being well, fashionably late? Although it may be pushing it a [...]

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Choose Travel…

✨Travel & Inspiration ✨ I promise You that throughout this Life, my Travel experiences have been the most educational and eye-opening. In many ways, I believe Travel forever changed me..... . . . Stay tuned for more on my Blog and Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @reinasraves . Reina’s Raves at ?: @wordporm [...]

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I do Love music……

It’s my caffeine, my mood-swing stabilizer, my redbull energy train @redbullracing, the perfect boyfriend and it’s a fabulous listener who doesn’t talk back ? . You can’t borrow My boyfriend! He’s My twin-flame.... . . . . Stay tuned for more on my Blog and Follow me on Facebook and Instagram  @reinasraves . Reina’s Raves [...]

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Let’s Take 5 ??

Let’s Take 5 ?? at Common Grounds coffee bar! While the turnover and “fast food” mentality at a Dunkin Donuts (@dunkin) or a Starbucks (@starbucks) is convenient, It is My belief that nothing compares to the “mom and pop” local cafes.... Let’s weigh in on that shall we? Common Grounds is the quintessential local cafe. [...]

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It’s a little old thing called Education

Education is King! It sure is! Often when I am speaking about education and my own educational path, You will Always hear me say......”Education is the greatest gift My parents ever gave to me.” And it is! Education truly is invaluable but there is a challenge. Not everyone can easily get access to good schools, [...]

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Life is Better with Buddies

Isn’t that the truth?! Love this image and it’s message. It’s a great dose of adorable to start off the week! . . . And.......please follow me Reina’s Raves on Facebook and Instagram @reinasraves for more of my cute, clever and curious posts!

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Extra! Extra! Did You know…..

Attention: All Dog Lovers alike! Did You Know....... .My local pharmacy is always pushing Flu shots. It’s as though they’re getting some sort of commission but they’re not so what gives? It is quite common for each of us to participate in routine, medical checkups in order to monitor our Health daily. This allows us [...]

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