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True Yoga & the 8 Limbs

The hugely, talented and insightful Jennie Lee “.......interprets the ancient wisdom of Yoga philosophy for a modern western audience with clarity and simplicity to joyfully and meaningfully apply it’s power to cope with life’s stresses as well as enjoy its rewards. Her inspirational writing uplifts the heart, body and soul.” - Sydney Solis . . [...]

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Woops! Tonight, I confess that This planner has fallen upon unplanned territory and been terribly Tardy in writing. Should I blame the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season and it’s selfish need to spread Love and Joy? Or simply accept that it’s Reina being well, fashionably late? Although it may be pushing it a [...]

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Choose Travel…

✨Travel & Inspiration ✨ I promise You that throughout this Life, my Travel experiences have been the most educational and eye-opening. In many ways, I believe Travel forever changed me..... . . . Stay tuned for more on my Blog and Follow me on Facebook and Instagram @reinasraves . Reina’s Raves at ?: @wordporm [...]

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I do Love music……

It’s my caffeine, my mood-swing stabilizer, my redbull energy train @redbullracing, the perfect boyfriend and it’s a fabulous listener who doesn’t talk back ? . You can’t borrow My boyfriend! He’s My twin-flame.... . . . . Stay tuned for more on my Blog and Follow me on Facebook and Instagram  @reinasraves . Reina’s Raves [...]

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Travel Tuesday

? Take me I’m Yours ? - the popular 80s band, Squeeze. . Where will the Turbo Taste Train stop today? I’ve heard through the grapevine that the Conductor’s sweet-tooth is calling the shots this morning and it’s All about “taking” Chocolate! . Location! Location! Location! What better way to satisfy this choco-craving than a [...]

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Traveler’s Tasty Tuesday!

Let’s recap shall we? This morning, Awake and Rejuvenated, I woke up to what I Thought would be a Typical day in the Life of a this curious, Creature of many habits. I was happily mistaken. . I learned quickly that the tiniest tidbit can surprisingly fulfill matters of the Heart. Do You remember Tony [...]

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? Sugar, How’d You get so Fly ?

It’s Sugar has locations throughout the United States and as You can see in these photos, they always deliver in the Candy community. Sour, Sweet, Rich & Creamy, Hot and many others steal the show at this sweets shop. There is surely something for everyone but most importantly, it’s Sugar offers it’s “clients” a fantastic [...]

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There’s something about Salads….

Fresh local ingredients, an array of vitamin-packed fixings, protein options galore and the final touch, homemade salad dressings. It’s none other than the ‘Create Your Own Salad.’ The truth is Salad has taken over the lunchtime market.  I’m not exactly sure when it happened but the days of simplicity have surely vanished. While many places [...]

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Happy Wise Words Wednesday!

“Tired? Perhaps.....Stylish? Always.” Love You Coco ? . Stay tuned for more on my Blog and Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Reina’s Raves at . . #fashion #love #sex #style #thegoodlife #beauty #travel #vinyasa #culture #yoga #zen #meditate #selfcare #desire #accesorize #entertain #spoil #inspire #begrateful #mindful #luxuryexperience #beauty #highsociety #community @bulgariofficial @dior @gq [...]

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