The French Riviera is breathtaking. It’s filled with many beautiful neighboring towns all of which you can visit by renting a car from wherever you are staying and Explore. During my trip to this area, we ventured to all of the towns — One of which was Eze. Eze is a Medieval town located on the high hills of Cote d’Azur. It’s a small town filled with cobblestone roads, lush gardens and very friendly people. As you venture around the streets, check out their many local art galleries and perfumeries. Fun fact – they also sell homemade Lavender Soap. It was only a day trip for us but we did have lunch at an incredible place called Chateau de La Chevre d’Or. This Michelin starred restaurant is located at the Relais Chateaux Hotel. The entrees are delicious, the gardens and sculptures are interesting but the Best part, The View. I recommend indulging in their Foie gras de canard des Landes, Boeuf de Galice paired with a nice chilled glass of Rose. For dessert, the Souffle. If you are curious about traveling to Eze, do so! You will enjoy your visit.