Norman Island is one of our Favorite stops while sailing in the British Virgin Islands. This “Treasure Island” known for its tales of pirates and jewels buried inside the Caves is beautiful and has probably one of the Best snorkeling in the Islands. The two spots to check out for snorkeling are the Caves and the Indians. Both locations are great for the avid swimmer and explorer! After a quick swim, you can take your boat into the harbor of Norman Island, pick up a mooring ball and it’s just a short dinghy ride away to Shore. On shore,  you can eat at the Pirate’s Bight (the original “Billy Bones”), embark upon a beautiful hike to the top of the island or just swim in the crystal clear blue water. The Pirates Bight has a nice menu. I recommend their Conch Fritters, Chicken Roti and of course, their Pirates Punch. At night, you absolutely MUST check out Willy T’s! This Bar/Restaurant on an old “pirate ship” is Legendary. They are Famous for many things — One of which is the “Shot-Ski”. Grab a couple of your friends and pick your favorite shot. The shots are poured in glasses on a wooden board and everyone goes at once. There are no “skippies” on this one. Another thing about Willy T’s is that back in the old days they used to offer the Women (not the Men who sometimes didn’t realize this) a free t-shirt for jumping off the Willy T’s ship in the nude. They no longer do this as it started to become dangerous. Just a Heads up if you planned on jumping!